Episode 1

Banterstan Volume 1.  Radio like you never seen.  Bits from our November 2016 shows. As summer bit and Trump bit harder.  Live from the Northern Rivers, paradise on this troubled earth.
With Thomas Fleming, school teacher and surfer
Ilona Harker, troubadour and life force
Nadine Abensur, author of the Cranks cookbooks
Mandy Nolan, comic, author, sage
Michele Anderson, business woman, New Yorker
Kathryn Walker, sports reporter
The Plover, Ian Colvin, co-pilot
and the theme tune of Andrew Swain. 
Music from Slim Galliard, 'Potato Chips', Bill Callahan, ‘I’m New Here’, Curtis Mayfield ‘Move on Up’, Cat Power, ‘I Don’t Blame You’ and The Lighthouse Keepers, ‘Wilderbeest’.

Please enjoy.  



Episode 2

Banterstan Volume 2. Radio like you never seen. Bits from late 2016.
Live from the Northern Rivers, paradise on this troubled earth.
Featuring Woody Knob, feminist man and A Royal Commission Into George Brandis
Not That James Mayson, immediate past president of Eureka FC
The Plover, Ian Colvin, co-pilot
Tuhin Bin Hossain from Beautiful Forest Tours, Dhaka
Ilona Harker, troubadour and sculptura vivendi
Fran and Peta from Federal Loves Refugees
Matthew K from the Book Nook
A Squadron of Schoolies
Alun Reynolds, Welshman
and the theme tune of Andrew Swain. 
Music from Karen Dalton, ’Something on Your Mind’, Tim Buckley, ‘Nighthawking’, Cerys Matthews, ‘Calon Lan’, The Saints, ‘Stranded’, Darren Hanlon, ‘The Last Night of Not Knowing You'
Banterstan is live every Monday night from 10pm on Bay FM 99.9 or bay fm.org.
Please enjoy. 


Episode 3

Banterstan Vol 3 – with the Wondrous Wee Ilona Harker, musician and more. Giggle along with the Weather, Chicxalub, political stuff and the ‘poetry’ of James Alexander Ashburner Nix.  Ilona talks about her new album, ridicule and blokes, jerks on wheels, the black dog and her favourite tracks.  We play Kelis ‘Milkshake’, Joe Jackson ‘Different for Girls’, Gillian Welch ‘Dark Turn of Mind’, Millie Jackson ‘Go Out and Get Some’, Lost Kings ‘Phone Down’, Townes Van Zandt ‘When Your Dream Lovers Die’, Life Without Buildings ‘New Town’ and Laughing Clowns ‘Eternally Yours’, plus a little comedy from Mitch Hedberg and Bob Newhart.  We had many funs.  Two hours of chat, laughings and sounds.  Mi gods.  Radio like you never seen.  Banterstan, live on Bay FM from 10pm every Monday.