Swiv is the online home of Mark Swivel. Humourist. Yarn-spinner. MC*.

His new show Dad. Joke. is touring in 2017. A hilarious rant on parenting, politics and pools. Swiv is trying to write a speech for his son's 21st and struggling. Like um what can you say, as a Near Dead White Male, to a snake-hipped-hipster known as The Triumph of Beard Oil? A must for all middle aged parents and their allegedly adult children. 

What They Say: 'Dad. Joke. is vulnerable, excoriating and hilarious in one loveable mixture!', Simone Whetton, What's on ABC 702. 'Mark Swivel has an extraordinary ability to engage an audience, hold their attention and make them laugh', Colleen Ryan, former editor Aust Fin Review. 'Koala Stamp!', Phillip Adams, Late Night Live, ABC RN.

His last show How Deep Is Your Love? is a seriously funny show about a man who went to Bangladesh and fell in love with a bank.

The page Empty Spaces features odd photos from Swiv's travels. 

He's quietly working away on two new projects Terry O'Connor, Volunteer  and a novel, Charlie, will be ready soon, or one day.

* He's a lawyer and what have you, but let's not worry about that for now.

** He's also an ambassador for Good Return - great people doing great things: https://goodreturn.org.au/.

*** He's also the company secretary for a start-up renewables retailer called Enova:  http://www.enovaenergy.com.au/.