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Mark Swivel lays it all out on the table in In Dad. Joke., a very personal and heart-warming account of life as a long distance dad. Vulnerable, excoriating and hilarious in one loveable mixture!

Colleen Ryan

Author, former editor of the Australian Financial Review

Lawyer, playwright, performer, comedian - Mark Swivel has an extraordinary ability to engage an audience, hold their attention and make them laugh. But, most importantly, he can take complex and often dry topics, distil them into easily digestible sound bites and be hilarious at the same time. He is a class act and never fails to hold his audience.

David Thomas

CEO, Lifeline Northern Beaches

Having worked …and laughed with Mark ( both with and at ) over many years I recently made it to one of his shows…, intellectual with a deep sense of humanity and community Mark had me laughing me for days…….